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Feeling blessed, feeling grateful, filled with love and joy ♥ 

Thank You YoDa– Stockholm Yoga- and Dance festival, thank you for this year ♥ We now finally got all the photos from our photographers, and just looking at them fills me with som much warmth, gratitude and love!♥ I´ll share some of the photos here with you, the ones from my workshops in Freemove and Osho Kundalini; if you are interested seeing more, please have a look at

Such an honor to work with all these proffessional and devoted teachers & artists, and to meet the creativity and friendship between all the volunteers ♥

After going through all the comments from the festival, I see that we almost got a 5 out of 5 from everyone; still we have so much new ideas for next year! Most of the things you commented on are things we also noticed, this the first year only two of us, jOjo and I, arranged it together. From here we can expand, from here we can make it even more magic! ♥


We have already started up the YoDa office 2017; no need for rest when everything is in flow and with good energy! ♥ 3-5 November 2017, save the date! ?

Wish you Love, Light and Happiness ♥

/Angelica ♥