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First time I saw her, I knew I had to meet her.

My last days in India was spent with Mataji at her Santosh Puri Ashram in Haridwar. It was there I took my Ganga Bath, it was there I felt deeply inner peace, strength and harmony and it was there I realised I have to come back for more searching.

As we said good by the last night, she gave me her book ”Tears of Bliss”. When opening the book, reading the lines she wrote me at the first page, my tears of  Bliss was comming…

as we are all searching for the One Light of Truth and Love

OM Mataji

 Ending this Saturday evening with some more spiritual reading in the Tears of Bliss, feeling free & expectant 😉



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  • Vad fina ni ser ut på bilden tillsammans, och du ser verkligen lycklig och tillfreds ut, lite lugn & härlig.

    • angelica skriver:

      Maria, ja det var helt magiskt. Jag vet att hon vet allt om mej utan att ha frågat en enda fråga… Är vi nästan inte lite lika? 🙂