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Just a few lines in english for all beautiful souls of the Sussex Yoga Retreat… One week ago, but still lots of peace & love left in my heart. Morning meditation, yoga classes, yoga workshops, Kirtan, Shakti dancing, the Silent walk with bounded eyes (!!)… To be consious, to be dynamic, to be moving, to be still. To be… (or not to be…) The good ”empty” feeling last day… Empty with nothing going on in my mind, just feeling stillness & happiness. The setting in beautiful landscape & beautiful sunny weather (and a hot tub… or two… 🙂  ) !… Gordious food (thanks Tamsin & Claire). Me doing upward facing dog; with a base of two great irish girls, Ruth and Margaret, everything is possible 🙂  . Lots of love to all of you who made this magic days happen; already looking forward to next time !

Peace & Love in Sweden; it feels ok now, with tickets for the Depeche Mode concert in Stockholm in our hands…  (eventhough I like festivals more). Same date, and a shorter way to get back home…

Peace & Love to all of you out there who are searching, finding, longing, waiting, getting, struggeling, trying, livning!